Friday, February 9, 2018

Padilla Bay

It's been a minute since I posted!  We've been preeety busy with our leeetle kitties!  We're still having adventures, but if we can't be home by their dinner time at 4:30 p.m. it takes a lot of doing, mostly by my mom.  And by then I don't have all the energy to post the pics.  Aaanyway, the stars have aligned and we had a little day trip to Padilla Bay!  The stars truly aligned, because one week later we could not have made this particular trip due to flooding.  This trip has been on my to-do list since my last blog post at least - I saw an article in the paper, tore it out, and posted it on the front door.  The paper was yellowing before we made it, but we made it, and it was a dream come true.  I've been trying half-desperately to get pics of snow geese this winter, and I finally did!  We're about to have another adventure, and I don't want to miss posting this.