Sunday, September 20, 2015

Snoqualmie Valley Trail - Duvall

We went for a walk on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail starting around mile 9 on 9/12/15.  Maybe the last "summer" day of the year, but the quality of the light was already changing.  Really clear, and really bright.

First, the signs:

The Discover Pass is our best investment yet, two years running.  You need it everywhere.

This is a Department of Fish & Wildlife release site!  I would have LOVED to see a pheasant, but we didn't this day.

I like to take pictures of any maps we see, and sometimes we refer back to it while we're walking!  This was useful, because we'd passed the construction on our way to where we parked, and wondered if there was a detour.  Nope.

I'd seen herons while driving past, which is how we chose Duvall for our next walk.  And voila!

Bowhunters!  They probably saw my pheasants.

Mark indulges my whim of taking pictures of our shadows.

Little paw prints in the water!  And tiny fishes.

I love these solar panels in the middle of the pea patch.

In real life, it was so bright we couldn't see this rope swing.  We only saw it in the photo later.

Mark, doing his impression of feeding pigeons.

So, we thought we saw a beaver.  Again, so bright - in the photo we could see they were ducks.

Hard earned dinner at Duvall Tavern!  We loved this place, we have to go back until we've tried everything on the menu.  It was a beautiful day to sit outside, and when a semi passed I did the "honk your horn" gesture, and he did it!  Best day ever.