Sunday, December 14, 2014

Song Birds

Under the dogwood, on the porch, and all over the Curly Willow -- they're so much easier to photograph on the green grass than the brown leaves.  And one special one on the rose!

Northern Flicker #woodpeckers

This guy checked out the tree while the little birds gobbled up the birdseed on the ground.  He's so well-camouflaged!  I'll give you a hint, he's not in the first picture.

Steller's Jay

Visited briefly to check out the birdseed.  
Friendly with the squirrel, not sure who'd win in a fight.

Black-headed Grosbeak

If I'm not mistaken...  he doesn't do a lot, but so pretty to look at!

Stocking Up #squirrels

What a cutie.  As Mark said, I "got lots of butts."  He was lured by the birdseed we put out for the birds.  He stayed for hours yesterday, and is back again today.  He's got no shame.