Sunday, January 4, 2015

Why I Quit Facebook

Well, this is a bummer.  Today I saw a post that was racist.  Racist word, racist cartoon, racist idea.  I mean, completely racist.  So racist, I'm uncomfortable reposting it here.  And the post starts with, "I hope nobody's offended...".  P.S.  If you start a post that way, you know someone will be offended.  Let's not insult the collective intelligence by saying that.  But, this was actually so offensive, I reported it.  I love lots of things that are offensive.  I just don't love things that are racist.  In fact, I hate stuff that's racist.  So I was offended.  And I reported it to Facebook.  Here's their response:

What community standards are we talking about?

So, Facebook found this post racist, but permitted it because it's humorous?  To who?  It hardly matters, to me.  Life existed prior to Facebook, and it will continue.  Facebook won't even know I'm gone.  But I hope anyone, anywhere in the universe, in any of the space-time continuoms that may or may not exist will feel that someone, somewhere felt that was so hateful, so hurtful, and so un-funny that it deserved to be removed.  Immediately.  Permanently.  I would never knowingly belong to a racist private club.  Peace.

Centennial Trail

For New Year's Eve we took a walk on the Centennial Trail, starting in town and walking up to the Pilchuck Trailhead.

Nakashima Barn: Landscapes & the rest