Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Nest Egg

So, I had some wires, and I thought I would sell them to the metal recyclers.  Only, I didn't have much wire, so then I thought I would roll them up in a wire ball, and keep adding to it, until I had a lot and it would be super valuable.  And it's vaguely egg-shaped, and maybe it'll be big enough by the time I retire, so it can be my nest egg...  Get it?  But by the time I got this done, I was so done with wires, and I'm just going to throw it in the recycle.  It's a trifle depressing to be making a ball of wires to fund your retirement.  And it did make a pretty picture, so making it wasn't a complete waste of several hours.

What the heck is a nest egg?  I'm glad you asked!  In 30 seconds of googling, I wasn't convinced that nest eggs in farm life work, but people have believed a lot of things over the years.  Due to the sorcery of compound interest, nest eggs for retirement funds do work.  Wire balls, I don't know.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Poor lighting, but this bookshelf is filthy, and powder blue to boot!

First coat of super shiny Pink Sea Salt!
After cleaning, drying, buying paint, setting off the theft detector at the store, etc.
All the usual pre-project hijinks.

2nd coat!  That's looking better!

And voila!  Clean, painted, shiny and full of books!

Weekly infotainment:  The title of this post is Transmogrified, because I have transmogrified the bookshelf.  It used to be a dirty powder blue, and now it's a shiny Pink Sea Salt!  Calvin & Hobbes was certainly my first introduction to the word, and I find it endlessly useful for describing transmogrifications.

P.S.  I always wonder in befores & afters, how believable is this supposed to be when the lighting, angle, background, etc. is so different?  Obviously, something photographed at the right angle, in the right light, with the right background is going to look improved!  However! How much sense would it make for me to have hauled that dirty, ugly bookshelf to my room, and put all my nice stuff on it to take a picture of a completely comparable before?  Lesson learned, universe.  Lesson learned.

P.P.S.  Obviously, this is a craft.  And when I think of crafts, which is every day, it is to the tune of My Humps, and in my head I replace the word Humps with crafts.  I had to google the music video for this post, and you could have knocked me over with a feather, when I realized it was the Black-Eyed Peas.  I have been singing this song (in my head, words changed) for years, and never, ever would have guessed!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

You may have noticed I didn't post anything for 3 weeks!  Or you probably didn't notice, but I'm telling you, I was too busy having fun on vacation to post anything about it.  A very clever person might have lined up some posts to publish prior to the vacation festivities, but I'm not often accused of being very clever!  Now that everyone has gone home, and I have to go to bed on time every night so I can get up for work the next day, I've sorted out my pics, and I'm back at it.  

So, here's the photo round-up:  Lots of food & Lots of pretty!

Dessert Shooter at Applebee's!

Beah at the pool!

Beah at Jolly Roger's!


Waffle cone!

Pretty moonrise!

Visiting kitty!

Pretty hot air balloon!

Little frog!


My night with Neil Diamond!  (Neil Diamond not pictured)

P.S.  I watched more movies in 2 weeks, than I usually watch in a year:  Mirror, Mirror, Tower Heist, Happy Feet 2, Big Miracle, John Carter, Lockout...