Sunday, May 13, 2012

The very picture of irony.

So, I've been trying to get a picture of a Stellar Jay in the Blue Spruce, not least because it's ironic.  The Stellar Jay is blue, and the Blue Spruce is green.  And, there are Jays in the Spruce all the time, so it shouldn't be that hard.  Every day, probably every hour, there is a Jay in the Spruce.  However!  When I grab my camera, they fly away.  I think I would have to sit still in the yard all day to get that picture.  So, the other day I just walked around and took these pictures while I waited for the Jay to get back in the Spruce.  In retrospect, this adds another layer of irony to the situation (see def. 3a).  Who knew I would get these pretty pics, when all I felt was frustrated I wasn't getting the pic I wanted?  Pretty silly...

Apple Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Little Bird Eating a Dandelion

Little Bird On My Mower

Grape Hyacinth



May all my ironies be this fortuitous (see def. 2a)!

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