Saturday, October 6, 2012


This week's infotainment, featuring TMBG!  Let's say I recently dated a guy, and the subject of "dealbreakers" came up (this actually happened, but it's a very long story, and not material to this post, so I'm treating it hypothetically).  And, let's say, off the top of my head, I replied that I guess if he was a racist, that would be a dealbreaker.  And, let's say, he of course replied that he is absolutely not a racist.  But his friends make (racist) jokes, and that doesn't mean they're racist, and its NBD.  Fast forward, and I have had TMBG's song Your Racist Friend stuck in my head for weeks!  Which leads me to today's post, chock full of links and videos!  I love TMBG, and love this song, and am thrilled to share all my "research" on the internets with all my invisible internet friends!

The sound on this video is atrocious, but worth watching!

This cover by schoolchildren is adorable!

This is a shocking and beautiful spoken word piece in regards to the song and the subject.

So, I haven't had a new post in a couple weeks, because I was busy Having An Experience, and like any non-professional blogger, I don't just have posts ready-to-go.  If you're keeping score, I'm putting this post firmly in the Unusual category.  Not because racism is unusual (that would be awesome!), but because it's pretty unusual that I would be so busy dating someone, I wouldn't even have time for the internets!  LOL.

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