Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Best Road Trip Ever: Wedding Edition

Alternate title:  Pictures Or It Didn't Happen

You may have heard, Mark and I got married!  On a road trip!  To Vegas!  In the drive-through!  By Elvis!

Presenting...  the mini-album!  Basically my photo album, photographed, instagrammed, and now blogged for your viewing pleasure.  If you hate nature and trains, skip to about the middle of the blog.  If you get to Mark's birthday, you've gone too far.

Recommended playlist.  I recommend opening YouTube in a second window, and playing the whole playlist through in the background while scrolling through the pics.  There may be a commercial or two.  Just ignore them.

Special thanks to Mike and Jeannie for making our wedding feel like a million bucks!

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  1. ADORABLE. So much happiness to you both from our whole family!