Sunday, May 18, 2014

How To Minnesota: Part Two, Shopping!

The Mall of America is just as amazing as you might imagine, and more.  First of all, there's no tax on clothes or shoes.  What?!?  I didn't even know that!  And I actually only learned that after I'd dropped a not small amount of money on non clothes and shoes purchases.  Argh!  And that goes for the whole state.  Word to the wise, don't get sucked into letting the first girl at the first kiosk straighten your hair.  One hair straightener, curling iron, shampoo, conditioner, exfoliant, body butter, face wash and toner later, you might rethink that.  Hypothetically.  But I got a free facial!  And wholesale prices on the products!  Lol.  It is a really good straightener.  And someday I'll feel motivated enough to actually straighten my hair.  Live and learn.  

So, onto my favorite stores.  I didn't visit any store I've ever seen here, and I had a lot of fun that way.  So no Old Navy or VS for me -- just new things!  I most def saved some money, not to mention lots of time.

The Farm Boy store!  Lots of stuff on sale, lots of John Deere merchandise I haven't seen anywhere else.  Really cute graphic t-shirts.

The Typo store!  Stationery and home goods.  So.  Cute.  And priced right.

Moods of Norway!  Ermahgerd.  This store.  Those colors.  These styles.  The PRICES.  Holy cow.  I could afford to buy a headband and a luggage tag.  And I'm using "afford" pretty loosely here.  You guys -- I might live in that store if it was possible.  LOVE.

Lazy One?  I did not actually enter this store -- ironically, I jotted it down to visit later, but it isn't on the first floor and I never went back!  Lazy much?  But!  They seem to have the cutest pajamas.  And, as a person who does not need One.More.Pair. of pajamas, it's all for the best.

Len.  Probably my best shopping of the trip happened here.  And I can't shop it online which I'm very sure is a good thing.  I wore everything I bought immediately, and repeatedly, and next time I go to Minnesota this is the only place I have to go back, and I will need a new wardrobe budget at that time.

Mark joined me after class, and I showed him just my fave stores -- this was actually the ideal way to do a vacation where the destination is a mall.  Mark got to skip 6 hours of looking at everything, and just enjoy 30 minutes of things I knew he would like or wanted him to see, and then we went out to dinner!

See?  Happy!

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