Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our baby Robin! And a strawberry stealing Squirrel!

On a Tuesday evening, Mark saw this little ball of fluff on the ground under the kitchen window.  And, while we were reconciling ourselves to not interfering, his mama came and fed him and he hopped off after her.  For five days we watched the little ball of fluff turn into a baby Robin!  What a cutie, with his grumpy faces, and frizzy ear hairs, he was like any other baby.

He sincerely believed he was being inconspicuous.  Behind a single leaf.

He spent most of his time fooling around the MOST cluttered spot in the whole yard.

He's pooping!

You'll see in a minute, he's watching mama.

Lunch time!


Well, five days later there was a horrific turn of events.

And our little Squirrel friend!


What strawberry?

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