Friday, July 29, 2016

Beach Adventure!

We took a trip to Mukilteo's Lighthouse Park, but we skipped the lighthouse, and drove to the far end of the park where it would be less busy, because...  we took the kitty!  Lesson one:  kitty doesn't like to travel in her backpack.  We already knew she didn't like to travel in her carrier for the vet.  What we learned on the way home is she likes to just lay down on the floor in the back.  No crying, no panting.

Lesson two:  kitty is not a fan of trains.  Bad luck, a very long train came by just as we were getting out of the car.  We already knew she didn't like motorcycles, lawnmowers or vacuums, and now we can add train horns and squealing brakes.

But she does love sand!  And chasing flying bugs, climbing on logs, smelling things, eating grass.

A jellyfish!  Kitty was never in danger, as she had zero interest in the water.


Feet forward, ready to run, head on a swivel, keeping her eyes on the water which looked shady as he** to this kitty.

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