Saturday, March 3, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday, With a Bullet

Well, I was doing some yard work before the big game.  And by yard work, I mean I was stomping on mole hills.  Our yard is covered in mole hills, and the only thing that looks slightly better than a million hills of dirt, is a million flat patches of dirt.  So I was stomping them flat, when I saw the shadow of this hawk flying over me.  And I got his picture, with my new camera that takes pictures from far away!  But I still got too close, and he flew to a different tree.  The real beneficiary of this escapade was the family of quail in the woods, which I never see.  I hear them all the time, but they're shy.  Probably because this hawk picks them off whenever they venture out.  You're welcome, quail.

My Hawk

Less Close

Least Close

Tricky, because his back is to the woods, but his head swivels!

Same Hawk, Different Tree

Back to the mole hills.  I found this bullet on top of a mole hill!  I guess it was in the dirt, and the mole pushed it up.  Thanks, mole!  It's amazing I knew what it was, but I've watched a lot of crime shows.  Ballistics and all that jazz.  I gingerly carried it inside, but I held it away from my face, and stopped in the hall to make my dad come look at it, and my dad said it was used and wouldn't explode.  Because I really don't know anything about bullets.

My Bullet


Today's edutainment:  "With a bullet" sounds gangsta, but it's not.

On to the big game!  Here are the highlights:

America the Beautiful and The Star Spangled Banner
Ronald McDonald House Charity

I love America!  Needless to say, I was practically in tears before the game even started!  But I had the following commercials to cheer me up:

Old Navy Corporado
Hyundai "Rocky"
Chevy Silverado Apocolypse
Battleship Movie
Doritos Dog

Imagine my mom's and my surprise when we learned Tim Tebow wasn't even playing.

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