Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Nest Egg

So, I had some wires, and I thought I would sell them to the metal recyclers.  Only, I didn't have much wire, so then I thought I would roll them up in a wire ball, and keep adding to it, until I had a lot and it would be super valuable.  And it's vaguely egg-shaped, and maybe it'll be big enough by the time I retire, so it can be my nest egg...  Get it?  But by the time I got this done, I was so done with wires, and I'm just going to throw it in the recycle.  It's a trifle depressing to be making a ball of wires to fund your retirement.  And it did make a pretty picture, so making it wasn't a complete waste of several hours.

What the heck is a nest egg?  I'm glad you asked!  In 30 seconds of googling, I wasn't convinced that nest eggs in farm life work, but people have believed a lot of things over the years.  Due to the sorcery of compound interest, nest eggs for retirement funds do work.  Wire balls, I don't know.

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