Sunday, January 6, 2013


Well, it's been several weeks since I last posted.  And judging by all the blogs I've read in that time, I'm supposed to be talking about resolutions.  So, last year I had two unofficial resolutions.  Unofficial, because making them official seems too heavy.  What a let down when you can't keep your official resolutions!  But no big whoop when you can't keep your unofficial resolutions.  They weren't official anyway.  

So, my unofficial resolutions were:  

1.  No more urine samples.  I hate giving urine samples.  It's one of my least favorite things.  There was a certain urine sample incident that involved having to drink 16 cups of water to get one tiny sample, and I was in actual pain for a week.  Hence, my resolution.  But!  Then I got a huge rock in my windshield, and it prompted me to buy life insurance, and guess what?  They require a urine sample.  So, no urine samples fail. No big whoop.

Aforementioned rock in windshield situation

2.  No more being in the front of group photos.  I am, and have always been, the shortest person in most rooms, and short people always get put in the front of group photos.  Well, after 35 years of this, I am tired of seeing myself in the front.  Booooring.  So, last year I managed to get in the back of every photo.  I just determined if I have to stand on a chair, or get on someone's back, I will not be in the front.  Thanks to my determination, and the support of my friends I did it.  Unofficial resolution success.  Feels just as good as official resolution success.

So, this year my only unofficial resolution was to quit karate kicking my boyfriend.  It never ends well.  Well, we broke up, so I think I have a good chance of keeping this one.  Was the karate kicking a factor in the break up?  I don't think so, because I did tell him my resolution, and had kept it for a week already.  But it's a fair question.

If your resolution is to read more blogs, may I recommend this one.  If you're only going to read one blog, this is the one.  If the recent posts don't strike your fancy, just search the archives for "penguins".  You won't be disappointed.

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  1. that's hilarious! makes me wish I had gone into google+ a long time ago. wondering now, what else did I miss? :)