Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Do My Own Car Repairs!

Just teasing!  I most definitely do not actually do any car repairs.  However!  A month or two ago, my airbag light came on.  And several weeks later I asked my mechanic to take a look.  I not only don't do car repairs, I just barely have car repairs done.  Anyway...

My mechanic plugged the whatever into the whatever, and it came back with the code that means my airbag's weight sensors have been blown.  And, when your weight sensors are blown, your airbags are deactivated!  It's not going to work incorrectly, it's not going to work at all.  Bad news, I'd have to take my car to the dealer to have the weight sensors reset.  Good news, I'm not doing it!  I told my mechanic, for my sake, I don't want the airbag to work.  He gave me a crazy look for half a second, but then he was on board.  

In the event of my airbag deploying while I'm driving, I have a very good chance of being decapitated.  Airbags are meant to protect people who are sitting at least 10 inches away from them, which is why you should never let children sit in the front seat.  The force of an airbag within 10 inches is deadly.  I qualify to have an on/off switch installed, but last time I checked, that costs like $2,000.00, so um, no.  Plus, you have to apply for permission from the government to do it, which feels awfully big-brotherish to me.  Can't we just pretend it's the 80's and airbags haven't been invented?  They suggest drivers just move their seats back if they're sitting to close, which would be okay, except the part where I couldn't reach the pedals anymore if I moved my seat back.

Then my mechanic mentioned that the red light on the dash would drive him crazy.  Me too.  I told him I might put a sticker over it, and in his professional opinion he suggested I use black electrical tape.  That's why I pay him the big bucks!

And voila!  No more offending red light on the dash!  And no more deadly airbag worries!  I'm thinking about posting a notice on the passenger side, advising my (very, very, very infrequent) passengers that they may sit in the back seat if they're overly worried about the no-airbag-thing.

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