Saturday, April 20, 2013

In other news

So, I belonged to this Facebook group.  It's a local group whose stated purpose is community interaction, not big "issues".  Among the things that must not fall under "issues" have been bikini baristas, the hospital levy, proposed construction for wakeboarding, Walmart and a strip club.  Well, earlier this week I posted on this page about something I'd seen in the community.  Driving home this week, I saw a local espresso stand's sign was advertising a Mocha Bomber.  And I posted the question of why they would have that particular advertisement, because it seems insensitive.  I could have added that it sounded racist as well, but I wasn't trying to pick a fight -- I was literally wondering if anyone had any knowledge and/or thoughts about that particular espresso stand, and that particular sign.  Victim of vandals or a prank?  They don't watch the news, and they'll be mortified when they learn about the tragic bombing in Boston?  Sadistic racists who meant exactly what it looked like they meant, and intended to be hurtful?  I don't know.  I buy coffee there occasionally, and I'll have to stop if they're sadistic racists.  But if they're not, it might be a good conversation to have as a community.  A conversation about sensitivity, and perceptions, and whatnot.  So, a couple people "liked" my post, and next thing I know it's disappeared from the face of the internets.  My post was deleted entirely, without so much as a message to tell me why.  That, I think, is pretty weird.  Not very interactivy.  And I don't really want to be part of a group like that, so I left it.  They won't miss me, and it doesn't matter.  I feel a small amount of immature satisfaction that when I left the group, I left them with 666 members.  That was just a coincidence.  And it won't last.  More people will join, and others will leave, and I'll have my interactions elsewhere, probably with people who don't think every conversation is an "issue".  

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