Sunday, June 23, 2013

Climate Change!

Just kidding.  This post is all about birds, animals, butterflies and flowers.  However!  I have pics of some animals and butterflies I have not previously seen here.  Climate change?  Global warming?  Some perfect storm of neglect which lets certain plant species thrive attracting certain other animal species?  I don't know.  But it's preeeeeeetty cool.  And I haven't cropped any of these pics, so I got a lot of practice zooming and focusing, as well as sneaking up on wildlife.

It's a salamander!  Or a newt!  I can't tell.

He has weird white stripey marks on his tail.

Milton's tortoise-shell butterfly!  He has cat's eyes on his back to scare away birds.  Scary!

Goldfinch?  I think so.

There's a hummingbird in there!  He looks like a leaf!

I got lots of practice focusing on things that are in the middle distance.

Expired wildflower seeds I sprinkled in all the mole hills this spring.

My bunny!  More practice focusing in the middle distance.

My baby bunny!  For reference that huge red wheel is from a baby toy shopping cart.

And that leaf is approx. an inch and a half across.  This bunny is as small as my hand.  What a cutie!

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