Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Day at the Beach

This guy kept walking away from me.

There's a hermit crab in there, yo!

This crab doesn't look dead, but he is.
But he looked less sad than the other dead crabs.
I think the live crabs stay as far away from people like me as possible.

There's an anemone right in the middle.  

And this one shoots water, but not when I'm taking a picture.

A few merciful hours of dry weather, and I got to keep my promise to my Physical Therapist to take a long walk on my vacation (not off a short pier -- he's a nice guy)!  I wore these silly shoes to the beach, because they matched my outfit.  I ditched the shoes, but not before developing a terrible blister and unwittingly rubbing salt-water and sand in it.  Lucky for me, the love of my life let me borrow his socks for the walk back to the car.  He offered to get the car and pick me up, but I needed a little more exercise to report back to the Physical Therapist.  I took these photos with my phone, y'all!  I would've missed the heron, because I was so busy looking at all the tiny things in the water.  Again, lucky for me Mark was paying attention!  And I couldn't remember how to zoom in, but Mark did or that heron would be smaller.  And those are Mark's fingers poking the anemones.  I tried it, but I didn't like it.  Some of them shoot water, and some of them curl up, not just when you poke them, but especially when you poke them.  And the sign doesn't say, don't poke!

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