Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dollar Store

I love my local dollar store.  Everything is actually a dollar, and there is some great stuff.  I get a little OCD when I'm shopping for children, and only buy items labeled CE, because if its good enough for Europeans, its good enough for them.  For myself, I love the stationery, office supplies, gift wrap, etc. etc. etc. world without end.  HOWEVER!  I found this item the last time I was there, and it really cracked me up:

I'm putting this firmly in the "unusual" category.  Let's say you have a friend/family member you suspect is smoking pot (and this concerns you).  And let's say they've agreed to be tested by you, and bound by the results of a test you bought at the dollar store.  Already this situation is hysterical.

What are the chances you'll be able to follow these directions?  Check out Step 4.  So you're supposed to read the results in five minutes, but IMPORTANT, not after more than 5 minutes.  Do you have a split second to read the results, before they're invalidated?  How will you KNOW?!?

Favorite dollar store purchase, ever.

P.S.  Upon further reflection, last week's post really was a craft, so I'm putting it in the "crewel" category.

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