Sunday, April 29, 2012

Smart Phones Is as Smart Phones Does

Well, a dude tried to pick me up, so this definitely fits in the Unusual category.

I went to a meeting, and I didn't know anyone, so I sat by myself.  This dude who had been sitting by himself came and sat in the seat next to me, and introduced himself.  He works at Microsoft, and for a split-second I wondered if it was wrong to marry someone for their gym membership, because I know he gets a discount at the Pro Sports Club, aka the best gym ever. It only took a split-second, because of course I know that is wrong.

During the meeting this dude played on his smart phone constantly, which I found very distracting.  He also belched once, and did not even excuse himself.  So rude.  After the meeting, he told me he was hungry.  I gave him a look that said:  I ate dinner at dinner time, and it is now 9 o'clock at night, and I'm a girl, so I don't eat dinner a second time late at night, unless I want to gain 50 pounds, which I don't.  I didn't mean to give him this look exactly, but I'm not very subtle, and this is what I was thinking, so I'm pretty sure that's what my face was saying.

I proceeded to leave, and he proceeded to follow me.  And by follow, I mean I opened two doors and he walked through them.  Ruuuuuuuude.  He still has his smart phone in his hand, and he asks me for my email address.  You might think I wouldn't give him my email address, because I am not interested in him at all.  You would be totally wrong.  If I have learned anything in my life, it is to be open-minded.  So I rattle off my email address.  A look of panic crosses his face, and he exclaims, "I need paper and a pen!"

Whaaaaaaaat?  I laughed.  In his face.  Not on purpose, of course, but I was laughing, and there was his face.  And I replied, "You're holding your phone.  In your hand."  There was a momentary look of confusion, and he confessed he had never used his phone that way.  So I walked him through Contacts, New, Name, Email address.  Again, Whaaaaaaaat?  He hasn't emailed me.  Is it because I laughed in his face?  Is he unable to find my contact info in his smart phone without my assistance?  

I think I dodged a bullet.

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