Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garbage Disposal

So, I've been cleaning.  I love to throw stuff out, which you wouldn't know by the amount of stuff I still have, but I'm really not a hoarder.  I decided to tackle my files, due to the fact that I finally filed 13 months of papers, and realized I don't have room for all that paper.  I didn't mean to accumulate 13 months of filing, but apparently, when my space for putting things "to file" is a box the size of a case of paper, I will fill that space to overflowing before dealing with it.  Light bulb:  I got rid of the box once it was empty.  Now, there is no space for "to file," I just file it.

(Aside:  when I'm having a bad day, I like to do a task I didn't want to do anyway.  1.  My day can't be made worse.  2.  There is a small chance that completing a heinous task will give me pride in my accomplishment, and make me feel better.  Tackling that damn box happened on a very bad day).

Some of it I want to keep for a few years, like bank statements, and some of it, I really don't need.  For example, I had a file labeled "Apartments."  Well, I haven't lived in an apartment for 5 years, so I probably don't need that file.  It was full of old leases, and Notices of Intent to Enter, and receipts.  But there were also a couple of sentimental things, such as the Maintenance Request below.  In my new enlightened organizational life, when I have a paper thing which is sentimental, I take a picture of it, and then I get rid of it.

This thing cracks me up:

Ok, I'll quit pouring bacon grease and hair down the disposal.  What?!?  Does someone actually do that?  I never did.  And mind you, I think I'd lived there for like six months at that point, so I guess this perfectly identifiable stuff had just been sitting there petrifying that whole time?  And I never knew?  I only occasionally used the disposal, but wouldn't I have had problems before this?  The whole thing was so mystifying.  At the time, I was pissed, because the maintenance man had used my fancy Viva printed paper towels to make this discovery, and then threw them in my garbage.  Call me bourgeois, but I believe maintenance people should bring their own rags, and take them with them when they go.  Pack it in, pack it out, as they say.  My Viva printed paper towels are expensive!  But since then, this makes me chuckle.  And now I've immortalized it in digital memory, and that whole file is kaput.

(Aside:  I think the team at UfYH will appreciate this.  I was utilizing the 45/15's before I knew they existed. I don't have before and after pics of the filing or the disposal, because in both cases,  my pic would be of empty space which I think is boring, but I love the before and after pics, so believe me, I will someday organize something really visibly just so I can post those pics). 

And, for anyone keeping score, file this post under Crewel, because cleaning is a craft!

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