Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Baby Moles

When I saw these out of the corner of my eye, and looked down, time stopped.  First, I realized they were baby moles.  Second, the urge to pick them up and hold them was overwhelming.  Simultaneously, my conscience told me I was absolutely not allowed to touch them at all, not even for a second.  At the same time, I was imagining picking them up, and taking a picture of them in my hand.  Concurrently, I knew I couldn't take that pic, because I was absolutely not allowed to pick them up.  However!  I could take their pics on the ground.  The inside of my head was like a cartoon, with thought bubbles, an angel in one ear and the devil in the other, and smoke about to pour out from the gears turning so fast.  Time started again, and I ran in to get my camera.  

I try not to upload every pic of an event, and even now, I didn't upload every pic, but there are a lot.  I can not choose between these, and if you were to play them in a sped-up slideshow, you would get a feel for how fast these babies move.  In retrospect, I could have made a short movie in order to illustrate this.  At that moment, I didn't have a thought in my head.  There were four baby moles that I saw, and I just wanted to capture every second of each one.

My mom is a genius, and suggested I take a pic of the baby moles with a quarter, for comparison.  Getting a baby mole to pose next to a quarter, without picking the mole up or touching it all, is very difficult.  I kept moving the quarter, and the baby moles kept doing their thing, which has nothing to do with quarters.  

You can stop here, meditating on the mind-blowing cuteness of baby moles.

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