Monday, June 11, 2012

Hair Cut

Well, I got a trim this weekend, from a new stylist.  I just met this stylist, but I like her a lot.

  • She's really good
  • She gets my hair
  • She's honest
  • She's funny
  • We live in the same town, even though the salon is in a different city, so we have lots to talk about


We were talking about hair color, and she said my "natural color is not that bad."  Really?  I love to color my hair.  I especially like to get highlights, and be blond.  If I didn't have to comply with a "professional and conservative" "dress guideline," I would so color my hair purple.  

I have colored my hair a lot, but not for several years.  And here's why:  It costs so darn much.  I'm not too cool to ask how much things cost.  Initial ton of highlights:  $120.00.  Touch-up every seven or eight weeks.  Every other touch-up, do a ton of highlights.  You can see where this is going.  

I happen to like my hair color.  Not every minute of every day, but most days I think my hair color is pretty.  You know what I like best about my hair color?  It came free with my body!  It was free when I was born and it was black.  Free when I was little and it was blond.  And it's free now.  Someday it will free and it will be grey, and this issue will be revisited.

Know what else?  Somewhere, someone is paying to turn their hair my hair color.  Guess how I know?  Because every grocery and drug store is selling boxes of my hair color.  Every day.  Can't be that bad.

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