Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sometimes Nature is Sad

I did a little research on abandoned baby moles.  Btw, the internet is full of misinformation.  I know this is not news, but I was shocked when I saw some of the "references" for information about moles on the internet.  It's enough to make me want to be a mole researcher, and fill the internet with facts.  God help us all.  One result was the most comical, and touched on all the basics, plus it's a Mac Forum, and Mac users are the best  (sorry PC.  (not really)).  1.  Don't assume you have an abandoned baby anything.  Leave it where it is, and hope for the best.  2.  Call a wildlife conservation organization.  Um, I don't believe there is an organization in this universe, that is interested in saving moles.  Doesn't exist.  3.  There are no pet mole stories, where a baby was rescued, raised and rehabbed to be set free, or lived happily-ever-after in a hamster habitat.  That doesn't happen.  4.  I don't actually want moles in my yard.  When a cat catches one, I rejoice.  Obviously, I don't imagine that the mole has a family, and will be missed.  My yard looks like a golf course, if there was a golf course that was mostly rough, with a million mini sand traps made of dirt.  Moles do that.

Leaving them alone was the right thing.  If Mama Mole just stepped out, she'll come back and want to find her babies where she left them.  If Mama Mole got picked up by a hungry cat, those babies better eat worms and like it.  I had to know how this story ends, so I went out to survey the area a few days later.  Out of four babies, I found one dead.  That isn't to say the other three lived, I just didn't find them.  I can't tell you how sad I feel about this.  Back to the internets.  This comic pretty much sums up the horror I'm feeling.  I feel so bad about this, it's like I feel responsible.  And I know I'm not, but I almost just deleted all those pics, like taking those pics caused it or deleting them could undo it.  Then I decided some BS about celebrating the baby moles' lives, and not squandering the precious gift of seeing them at all, blah, blah, blah.  Kill me now.  So, sometimes nature is sad, and I'm just putting it all out there.    

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