Monday, June 4, 2012

What's my problem?

I uploaded the same photo approximately a million times, and got these results.  They're really artsy, but I just want the picture that I took to look like the picture that I took.  These look like underwater x-rays...  They don't look like this on my computer.  It just happens when I upload to blogger?  And it doesn't happen if I upload pics to my Picassa web albums, and then upload to blogger.  It only happens if I upload directly to blogger from my computer.


  1. I love it how you can get crewel AND unusual at the same time! :D so strange! I have no answers, but my favorites are 2, 11 and 21 :D

  2. I have a theory of why but not how... I'll keep on looking into this.

    1. Thanks Pete-oh :) I'll email you the pic right now...